vegetarian luo bo gao


Here's a recipe for a vegetarian radish cake, called luo bo gao in Mandarin, from bai luo bo, which is daikon in Japanese.


  1. 350 grams of rice flour
  2. two cups of water
  3. a few tablespoons of grapeseed oil
  4. one daikon
  5. one onion
  6. (optional) enough vegetarian duck or ham to complement the onion
  7. Chinese-style spicy oil to taste
  8. one clove of garlic
  9. one thick slice of ginger
  10. white pepper to taste
  11. one tablespoon of salt
  12. four tablespoons of white cooking wine

cooking instructions

  1. Grind the daikon and put it in a pot.
  2. Mince the garlic and ginger and add it to the daikon.
  3. Add the white pepper and cooking wine.
  4. Boil this mixture for 25 minutes.
  5. While it is boiling, chop the onion and the fake meat into tiny pieces.
  6. Stirfry with the grapeseed oil and spicy oil until the onions are semi-transparent.
  7. Put the rice flour in a bowl with the water and mix well.
  8. Add the stirfried stuff and salt.
  9. When the daikon is finished boiling, add it too.
  10. Mix well.
  11. Get the container from an electric rice cooker and pour in half of the mixture.
  12. Make sure it is spread evenly in the bottom of the pot and then cook it on the brown-rice setting.
  13. When it's finished, remove the pot and let it cool well; it will shrink slightly when it is cool.
  14. Quickly turn over the pan and let the cake fall out flat.
  15. Cook the other half of the mixture.
  16. When the cake has cooled well, you can slice it.
  17. Pan-fry the sliced cake in a frying pan, and serve with soy sauce for dipping.


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