Albums, EPs, Singles, Compilation Tracks, and Remixes

(still incomplete, especially before 2016; you might do better with this:

2020. Groove 11. Outlines Records. Album on cassette and digital.

2020. “Knowing When Not To Persist”. Algorithmic Art Assembly v1.0 compilation.Highpoint Lowlife Records. Digital album.

2019. with Steph Horak. Live at Pirate Studios, Bristol. Conditional Records. Album on cassette and digital.

2019. with Fis. Emergence Vol. 1. Saplings Records. Digital album.

2019. “Seek Your Own Error And Learn”. Forever compilation. Haunter Records HR024. Digital album.

2019. Metome, “Exotic (Renick Bell Remix)” on the supərpawərz record label

2019. Eomac, “Lower Your Gaze (Renick Bell Remix)” on Eotrax

2019. Ice_Eyes, “Cyan Gradients (Renick Bell Remix)” on Genot Centre

2019. What Holds You Back EP, self-released

2019. Philippe Vandal, “Blighted Apparatus (Renick Bell Remix)” on Dream-Disk Lab

2018. N1L “ani-ma/ani-mus/ani-mal (Renick Bell Rmx)” on Opal Tapes

2018. Sim Hutchins “Baby You'a Drug”, two remixes, on Local Action Records

2018. Turning Points. Seagrave SR064. Album on cassette tape and digital.

2018. Wary. Halcyon Veil HALC017. Digital album.

2018. “Reducing Atmospheric Tension”. Mutable Audio compilation. Anti Narcose Netnarc05. Digital album.

2017. “Spilling Past”. Misapplications compilation. Conditional CON010. Digital album.

2017. Steph Horak and Renick Bell. “Improvisation 261116”. Various - Meta Gesture Music. Wire Magazine GD-2017. ‎CD.

2017. “Only Metamorphosis Remains”. Emissions compilation. Seagrave SR047. Album on cassette and digital.

2016. “Glistening (Fractal Beats 160617a)“. Beta Orionis compilation. Deep Space Objects DSO003. Album on cassette tape and digital.

2016. Empty Lake. UIQ UIQ0006. EP released on vinyl and digital.

2016. “Danelaw-150802_Selection_150805_0329”. The Danelaw compilation. Quantum Natives QNAPP001. Digital album. Supplementary Portfolio

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