Most of us are shocked by the covid-19 crisis. At the same time, there is a kind of inevitability to it considering the social and economic path of our societies. I would like you to consider the reasons and the solutions. I’ve compiled a book-length list of articles that I have been collecting as the crisis unfolds. It is divided into four sections. Some of the articles are clear scientific explanations, while others explain general or specific political and economic situations. Several of them are opinion pieces which state the problems. I conclude with the general solution: democratic ecosocialism.

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updated events for spring 2020

UPDATE: I won’t participate in March events in Europe due to COVID-19 related travel issues. I’m now rescheduling for August/September. Please get in touch if you’d like me to generate beats in your city!

I’ve added many events in Europe and Japan for spring 2020. Check the list here:

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new releases at the beginning of 2020

I’ve got a lot of things that have just come out at the beginning of 2020; six tracks in all!

groove 11, solo two-track release on Outlines, a sharp label in Poland run by Pawel Paide Dunajko. These two tracks are both over nine minutes, generated by my system as always.

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new album, live at pirate studios, with steph horak out now on conditional records

Steph Horak and I have put out an album on Conditional Records. It includes liner notes from DeForrest Brown. You can hear and purchase it here:

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new album, emergence vol. 1, with fis out now on saplings records

Fis and I have put out an album on Saplings Records. Instead of physical media, each purchase funds the planting of 100 trees. You can hear and purchase it here:

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old news from old website

190526: Excited to play this event: JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL × MUTEK.JP 6/2. Details:

190512: Some updates:

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new temporary site

The old website was broken. While I’m working on a more elaborate website, I’ll use this one. Please let me know if you have trouble finding anything you were looking for.

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