Selected Discography

(currently incomplete, in the process of updating; Discogs might do a better job:

(btw, lots of tracks not listed here on SoundCloud:

191018: with Steph Horak, Live at Pirate Studios, Bristol, album on Conditional Records

191008: with Fis, Emergence Vol. 1, album on Saplings Records

191004: “Seek Your Own Error and Learn”, track on Haunter Records compilation “Forever”

190614: Metome, “Exotic (Renick Bell Remix)” on the supərpawərz record label

190614: Eomac, “Lower Your Gaze (Renick Bell Remix)” on Eotrax

190430: Ice_Eyes, “Cyan Gradients (Renick Bell Remix)” on Genot Centre

190220: What Holds You Back EP, self-released

190213: Philippe Vandal, “Blighted Apparatus (Renick Bell Remix)” on Dream-Disk Lab

180913: N1L “ani-ma/ani-mus/ani-mal (Renick Bell Rmx)” on Opal Tapes

180829: Sim Hutchins “Baby You’a Drug”, two remixes, on Local Action Records

180803: Turning Points (SR064), album released on Seagrave:

180316: Wary (HALC017), album released on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil

180306: “Reducing Atmospheric Tension”, track on //Mutable Audio// compilation on Anti Narcose

170905: “Spilling Past”, track on //Misapplications// compilation on Conditional (CON010)

170500: with Steph Horak. “Improvisation 261116”, on Various - Meta Gesture Music ‎(CD, Comp); Wire Magazine GD-2017

170502: “Only Metamorphosis Remains”, track on //Emissions// compilation on Seagrave (SR047)

161015: Glistening (Fractal Beats 160617a)”, track on //Beta Orionis// compilation on Deep Space Objects

161014: Empty Lake (UIQ0006), EP released on Lee Gamble’s UIQ

160606: Danelaw-150802_Selection_150805_0329, track on //The Danelaw// compilation on Quantum Natives

I have released music under my own name.

I have released music created with Jason Landers under the name The Third Second.

I have released music consisting of experiments with breakbeats under the name 05_Shambolic_Scattered.