I’ve got a lot of things that have just come out at the beginning of 2020; six tracks in all!

groove 11, solo two-track release on Outlines, a sharp label in Poland run by Pawel Paide Dunajko. These two tracks are both over nine minutes, generated by my system as always.


William Fields, Syzygysm (Renick Bell remix) out on Conditional, Berlin-based computer music label run by Calum Gunn.


Louis King ft. Brain Rays “Why Pree” (Renick Bell Stripped Remix, Renick Bell Instrumental Dub versions)

I’d been wanting to have someone rhyme on top of my beats, especially since Dane Law did that bootleg of a Big Narstie track back in 2016. I was stoked to be able to do this remix for Louis King’s rhymes. I really hope to do more tracks with mcs. Get in touch if you’d like to get involved.


“Completion of One is the Beginning of the Next”, track on the I-go-I-e compilation from Wave Folder Records. Everyone manipulated samples of traditional instruments recorded at a temple in Kyoto.