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 ====== news ====== ====== news ======
 +**190526:""​ Excited to play this event: JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL × MUTEK.JP 6/2. Details: https://​jmaf-mutek04.peatix.com/​
 +**190512:** Some updates:
 +  ​
 +  * remix for Eomac out soon: https://​eotrax.bandcamp.com/​album/​reconnect-remixes
 +  * added several live dates, including Taipei!
 +  * next time in Europe June 29 - July 10. Let me know if you'd like me to generate beats in your city.
 +**190430:** remix for ice eyes' new release on genot centre out today. hear on my soundcloud: https://​soundcloud.com/​renick/​ice-eyes-cyan-gradient-renick-bell-remix
 +**190417:** Looking forward to playing at the Terraforma Festival in Italy this summer! http://​www.terraformafestival.com/​
 **190408:** Now selling algorithmic drawings here: https://​renickbell.bigcartel.com/​ **190408:** Now selling algorithmic drawings here: https://​renickbell.bigcartel.com/​
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 By the way, thanks to zweikommasieben for putting me on the cover of Magazin #17 https://​www.zweikommasieben.ch/​en/​magazin/​zweikommasieben-magazin-17/​ By the way, thanks to zweikommasieben for putting me on the cover of Magazin #17 https://​www.zweikommasieben.ch/​en/​magazin/​zweikommasieben-magazin-17/​
-**180723** new album "​turning points"​ out on @Seagrave_ aug. 3 (cassette and digital), art by george tourlas, mastering by philippe vandal https://​seagrave.bandcamp.com/​ 
-**180317** Back in Europe at the moment demonstrating my code on sound systems across the continent. Tour dates here: http://​www.renickbell.net/​doku.php?​id=events 
-Also, new album //Wary// out on Halcyon Veil: https://​renickbell.bandcamp.com/​ 
 ====== what can be found here ====== ====== what can be found here ======
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