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181229: I did a mix for Cera Khin's Noods Radio show on Dec. 20. It's up for streaming now. Check it and the tracklist here.

Also, a recording of my sold-out show in Moscow is now online, thanks to Sygma. Check it out here:

181214: My album for Seagrave has made FACT's top 50 of the year!

181010 Nice press about my latest album on Seagrave.



Buy here:

180909 In Europe now on tour. I hope you'll come to an event while I'm over. Tour dates here:

By the way, thanks to zweikommasieben for putting me on the cover of Magazin #17

180723 new album “turning points” out on @Seagrave_ aug. 3 (cassette and digital), art by george tourlas, mastering by philippe vandal

180317 Back in Europe at the moment demonstrating my code on sound systems across the continent. Tour dates here:

Also, new album Wary out on Halcyon Veil:

what can be found here


Renick Bell researches live coding and improvisation with computers and is based in Tokyo. Read more here:


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