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 ====== news ====== ====== news ======
-**180909** In Europe now on tour. I hope you'll come to an event while I'm over. Tour dates here: http://www.renickbell.net/doku.php?​id=events+**190417:** Looking forward ​to playing at the Terraforma Festival in Italy this summer! ​http://www.terraformafestival.com/
-By the way, thanks to zweikommasieben for putting me on the cover of Magazin #17 https://www.zweikommasieben.ch/​en/​magazin/​zweikommasieben-magazin-17/+**190408:** Now selling algorithmic drawings here: https://renickbell.bigcartel.com/
-**180723** new album "​turning points"​ out on @Seagrave_ aug. 3 (cassette and digital), art by george tourlas, mastering by philippe vandal ​https://seagrave.bandcamp.com/+**190328:** A write-up of the performance at Algorithmic Art Assembly the other day: https://www.wired.com/​story/​algoraves-live-coding-djs/
-**180317** Back in Europe at the moment demonstrating my code on sound systems across ​the continentTour dates here: http://​www.renickbell.net/​doku.php?​id=events+**190228:** Leaving next week on a North American tour. Check the events page. Still accepting in-between bookings on in-between days. http://​www.renickbell.net/​doku.php?​id=events
-Alsonew album //Wary// out on Halcyon Veil: https://​renickbell.bandcamp.com/+**190220:** "what holds you back"a couple of casual experiments at 130 bpmthanks to philippe vandal for mastering
-**170528** Super excited to be collaborating with [[https://soundcloud.com/fisnz|Fis]] on a set at Berlin Atonal in August sometime between the 16th and the 20th! https://berlin-atonal.com/+https://renickbell.bandcamp.com/album/what-holds-you-back ​
-I'll be in Europe around that timePlease get in touch if you'd like me to perform in your city.+https://​soundcloud.com/​renick/​sets/​what-holds-you-back
----+**190205:** I'm putting up lots of sketches of algorithmic visuals here on Instagram: https://​www.instagram.com/​renickbell/​
-**170511** I had really enjoyable conversation with Mike SundaThat interview has been published ​in the Japan Times: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2017/05/09/music/renick-bell-discovers-art-inside-algorithms/#.WRNAIHUxBhG+Also, there'​s a great new documentary about algorave done by Edited Arts here. It features some bits of my performance with Fis at Berlin Atonal in 2017, an interview with me, and two tracks from my album "​Wary"​ on Halcyon Veil. Check it out: https://​www.residentadvisor.net/​features/​3396 
 +**190121:** next 27 days in europe. get in touch if you want to add your city. details on the event page http://​www.renickbell.net/​doku.php?​id=events 
 +**181229**: ​did mix for Cera Khin's Noods Radio show on Dec20. It's up for streaming now. Check it and the tracklist [[181220ceramix | here]]. 
 +Also, a recording of my sold-out show in Moscow is now online, thanks to Sygma. Check it out here: https://​soundcloud.com/​radiosygma/​guests-47-renick-bell 
 +**181214**: My album for Seagrave has made FACT's top 50 of the year! https://​www.factmag.com/​2018/​12/​13/​the-50-best-albums-of-2018/​ 
 +**181010** Nice press about my latest album on Seagrave. 
 +FACT: http://www.factmag.com/2018/10/01/best-albums-july-to-september-2018/​ 
 +DAZED: http://​www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/​41660/​1/​underrated-albums-you-may-have-missed-third-quarter-summer-2018 
 +Buy here: https://​renickbell.bandcamp.com/​ 
 +**180909** In Europe now on tour. I hope you'll come to an event while I'm over. Tour dates here: http://​www.renickbell.net/​doku.php?​id=events 
 +By the way, thanks to zweikommasieben for putting me on the cover of Magazin ​#17 https://www.zweikommasieben.ch/​en/​magazin/​zweikommasieben-magazin-17/​
 ====== what can be found here ====== ====== what can be found here ======
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