Conductive is a set of Haskell libraries for livecoding and real-time music applications.

The biggest immediate challenge in using Haskell for computer music was controlling the exact timing of events in a manner similar to that of the Task and Routine functions andPatterns library in SuperCollider. This library is intended to supply such facilities. This library wraps concurrent process manipulation in a way that makes controlling their timing more intuitive for musicians. At the same time, the library aims at being as concise as possible to lessen the burden on the user.

User documentation and examples can be found at API documentation is viewable on the HackageDB pages for each package.

The current libraries include:

  • conductive-base: the core library
  • conductive-clock: a library for displaying musical time in a terminal-based clock
  • conductive-hsc3: a library with examples of using Conductive with hsc3, the Haskell client for scsynth, the SuperCollider synthesizer
  • conductive-song: a library of functions which are useful for composing music
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