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Renick Bell


170107 I'm playing at Berlin Atonal presents New Assembly Tokyo on 170218.

161122 Currently on a European tour until Dec. 3. Come to a show:

Also, check out my 12” release on UIQ! It came out last month.

160429 I'm playing tomorrow VRDG +H at the DMM Theater in Yokohama. It's sold out, so if you couldn't get tickets, I recommend coming to this event during Golden Week (5/5, Thu.), “64, No. 1”:

160422 Tonight I'm playing at Beyond Code 2 at SuperDeluxe, Come check it out!

160404 There are several new things to listen to on my SoundCloud. I'll be posting soon about events in April and May.

160223 I had a guest mix on Unthinkable with J. G. Biberkopf on NTS Radio. Details here.

151018: We finished the Japan Algorave Tour, Sept. 30 - Oct. 10. Here is a recording of my last set, with more documentation to come:

Live at Algorave, Soup, Tokyo, Oct. 10, 2015

what can be found here


Renick Bell researches live coding and improvisation with computers and is based in Tokyo. Read more here:


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