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Renick Bell


180909 In Europe now on tour. I hope you'll come to an event while I'm over. Tour dates here:

By the way, thanks to zweikommasieben for putting me on the cover of Magazin #17

180723 new album “turning points” out on @Seagrave_ aug. 3 (cassette and digital), art by george tourlas, mastering by philippe vandal

180317 Back in Europe at the moment demonstrating my code on sound systems across the continent. Tour dates here:

Also, new album Wary out on Halcyon Veil:

170528 Super excited to be collaborating with Fis on a set at Berlin Atonal in August sometime between the 16th and the 20th!

I'll be in Europe around that time. Please get in touch if you'd like me to perform in your city.

170511 I had a really enjoyable conversation with Mike Sunda. That interview has been published in the Japan Times:

what can be found here


Renick Bell researches live coding and improvisation with computers and is based in Tokyo. Read more here:


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